Steering Committee Definitions

Resident and Community Representation



A resident living a rural, unincorporated community in Merced, Stanislaus, or San Joaquin Counties

A resident living in the following communities: Bystrom, Denair, Don Pedro area, Empire, Garden, Hickman, Hills Ferry, Keyes, Monterey Park Tract, Newman, Grayson, Crows Landing, Riverdale Park, Riverside, Salida, Shackelford, Westley, Ballico, Bear Creek, Cressey, Delhi, Dos Palos, El Nido, Fergus, Hilmar, Le Grand, Planada, Santa Nella, Snelling, South Dos Palos, Stevinson, Volta, Winton, Acampo, August, Country Club, El Pinal, French Camp, Garden Acres, Hawes, Henderson Village, Kennedy, Lincoln Village, New Hope, San Joaquin River Club, or Terminous.

Three community leaders serving a vulnerable community within the region

A leader of a specific community that is or has been marginalized economically. This leader could be of a formal organization, such as an organized club, faith group, or other type of group that is just local or part of a national organization. It could also be a leader of a group that organizes online, such as a parent group, or an informal group, such as a car club. Lastly, this leader might be someone who supports and leads a particular neighborhood. What is most important is that this leader have a track-record of bringing people together and represent a specific issue, space, or group of people that is underrepresented in the decision making related to our economy

A ‘transition-aged youth’ (ages 18-24) who is currently or was formerly in the foster care system

Individual who is between the ages of 18-24 and is currently in or was formerly in the foster care system.

A Native American resident

A member of any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, who also resides in an urban area.

A community-based organization focused on the arts or arts advocacy.

A representative leader or staff member of an organization whose primary mission is to provide arts education or services, or to advocates for the rights, opportunities, or well-being of local artists.

A community-based organization serving primarily underserved

A public or private nonprofit organization of demonstrated effectiveness that is representative of a community or significant segments of a community. This group should specialize in supporting a group with limited or no access to resources or that are otherwise disenfranchised.

A community leader serving a vulnerable community within the region.

A community leader who connects with vulnerable populations that are at greater risk for poor physical and social health status.

Labor and Workforce Development

A Labor Union or Central Body serving all three counties of the region.

An organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.

A sub-regional Union representing workers in High-Road occupations.

An organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests. The “high road” employer is a business that meets a narrow set of criteria: one that does not use any contracting, pays more than the minimum wage, and provides benefits above and beyond what is required by law.

A workers’ rights or worker advocacy organization serving one or more counties in the region.

A group that specializes in the rights of workers or an advocacy group that use various forms of advocacy and/or lobbying in order to influence public opinion and ultimately public policy.

The workforce board of Stanislaus or San Joaquin counties

This group can identify the needs of the local job market, leverage resources, oversee One-Stop Career Centers, and direct workforce investment programs in their area.

A federally recognized Apprenticeship Program

A federally- funded program in which supports an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another.


A four-year university in the region

An accredited university in the region.

A community college or community college district in the region

Community colleges are affordable public colleges, funded by tax dollars.

The Chair or designee of Northern San Joaquin Valley Education CERF Initiative

An individual leading the K-16 Program that is part of a statewide strategy for strengthening education-to-workforce pathways and ensuring that education, vocational, and workforce programs work in partnership to address the income, racial, and gender inequalities in education and employment.


An environmental justice, conservation, or climate action organization in the region

A representative leader or staff member of an organization whose primary mission is to advocate for residents that have suffered from discriminatory land practices, or protect communities that suffer from a disproportionate level of health risks due to their proximity to pollution sources. Or, an organization focused on the conservation of natural resources, or be primarily focused on addressing local climate impacts or advancing local climate solutions.

A “Just-Transition” organization (workforce, business, or community organization dedicated to an equitable ‘greening’ of the economy for all stakeholders)

A representative leader or staff member of an organization that is focused on bringing stakeholders together in an effort to shift away from an extractive, carbon-based economy. The organization could be a workforce or job-training organization, an advocacy organization or other group focused on the ‘green economy’

Business and Industry

A minority Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce developed specifically to support minority business enterprises.

An agriculture sector industry association

A nonprofit or cooperative association of farmers, growers or ranchers that is incorporated under applicable state law and that acts as a farm labor contractor solely on behalf of members of the association.

A business incubator or sector innovation hub/organization

A workspace created to offer startups and new ventures access to the resources they need, all under one roof.


A Community Foundation

A public charity that typically focuses on supporting a geographical area, primarily by facilitating and pooling donations used to address community needs and support local nonprofits.

Government and Traditional Economic Development

An economic development organization representative of business and industry stakeholders in one or more counties

An organization dedicated to the economic development of a region, be it a subnational area such as a town, city, county.

California Native Tribal Representation

A representative of a California Native Tribe

Any person other than a tribal employee who travels on official tribal business.

The governance model also allows for the addition of Committees as circumstances or direction changes based on data analysis and dialogue. The name of the Steering Committee may be changed after the grant is awarded.

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